10 Top Reasons to visit Kashmir – You just cannot ignore these alluring Kashmir Destinations!

If you ask us the top reasons to visit Kashmir, we can give you hundreds of them. Such is the charm of the unending alluring Kashmir destinations!

The beauty of Kashmir is unparallel. Every corner and every inch of this place is packed with pleasant surprises. Many people have given different names to Kashmir at different times. For some people, it is “Heaven on Earth.” Many have also termed it as the “Switzerland of India.” These phrases simply portray how beautiful Kashmir is! And, we will love calling Switzerland as the “Kashmir of India.”

In the last few years, we have seen many news related to terrorism and political unrest in Kashmir. However, the charm of this heavenly place has never faded. Tourists from India and other countries still visit kashmir in a big way. In fact this year, Kashmir is witnessing a large influx of tourists. And, it is absolutely safe to spend a few days in the laps of the beautiful Kashmir valleys.

10 Top Reasons to Visit Kashmir

In this post, Corners of Earth has listed down some of the top reasons to visit Kashmir.

The Beautiful Kashmir Valleys

You probably have seen the stunning valleys of Kashmir covered with lush green forest ranges with rivers flowing through them and snow covered hills in many Bollywood movies. Kashmir is home to some of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It would be unwise if we don’t mention the beautiful Kashmir valleys in our list of top reasons to visit Kashmir.

Kashmir is blessed to have a significant number of beautiful lakes. Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Gadsar Lake and Tulian Lake are some of the most prominent lakes of Kashmir.

A Shikara Ride on Dal Lake has to be one of the top reasons to visit Kashmir. The joy ride on the low rowing boats will take you to different points of interest on Dal Lake which include the floating vegetable gardens and the floating markets. A Shikara Ride on Dal Lake is a must do activity in Kashmir.

A trip to Kashmir shall remain almost incomplete if you don’t visit the Mughal Gardens of Kashmir. These gardens were built by the Mughal Emperors following the Persian style of architecture. The prominent Mughal Gardens of Kashmir are located in Srinagar. They are Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Sahi and Pari Mahal.

Kashmir is known for world class cricket bats made out of willow. There are many cricket bat manufacturing factories in Kashmir and visiting the factories can be a great experience. You may purchase a few cricket bats as gifts from Kashmir for your friends back home!

The people of Kashmir are generous and they never hesitate to welcome guests in their homes. If you want to explore and know about the true Kashmiri Culture, then a visit to this heavenly place is a must!